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Laser Hair Reduction in Dwarka With Experienced Dermatologist Dr. Navjot Singh Arora
Laser Hair Reduction In Dwarka
Gone are the days of waxing, threading, epilating and hair removal creams, Laser hair removal is the latest and most advanced method of hair reduction and offers several benefits over the other methods

How it works?
Laser emits a concentrated beam of light which is absorbed by melanin (pigment present in the hair).

This light energy further converts into heat energy resulting in the destruction of hair follicles thereby preventing the growth of hair in future. However multiple sessions along with maintenance sessions are required as only the hair in their growth phase are actively targeted by the laser at a time.

About the Procedure
Triple wavelength diode laser used at Dermaheal is U.S. FDA (United States Food and Drug Administration) approved, to ensure better results in fewer sessions.
A diode laser with 810nm is the gold standard for hair reduction.
After shaving and marking the area to be treated, cooling gel is applied before giving laser shots
There may be a warm sensation in some areas and pin-prick sensation in others where the hair is thick and coarse. Cooling the skin again after laser shots, further makes the sessions more comfortable.
The time required for the treatment depends on the size of the area to be treated.
The intervals between each session depends on the growth of hair (ranging from a few weeks to a few month).
As the number of sessions progress, the gap between each session keeps on increasing.

What to expect?
Around 80-90% hair reduction is expected after 6-8 sessions, especially in female patients.
More sessions are required in male patients.
Every subsequent session results in delayed hair growth and reduced density of hair.
Laser hair reduction can be done either on small sections or on full body on both men and women.
Coarse hair decrease in number and even if some of them remain, they turn fine and thin which are easily bleachable.
Maintenance sessions may be required varying from case to case.

At Dermaheal Skin and hair clinic
Get rid of unwanted hair with laser hair reduction and say hello to your hair free skin.
To enquire in detail about Laser Hair Reduction and other cosmetic treatments best suited for your individual needs, schedule an appointment with our trusted and experienced dermatologist Dr. Navjot Singh Arora at Dermaheal Skin and Hair Clinic, Dwarka Sector 7, Delhi.

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