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Skin White Patches and Vitiligo Treatment in Dwarka - Dermaheal
Vitiligo Treatment In Dwarka
What is Vitiligo
Vitiligo is a form of a chronic skin disorder which can easily be diagnosed by its characteristic appearance of white patches on the skin as the skin begins to lose its pigmentation.

These blotches can occur on any part of skin, however most common areas are face, neck, hands, eyes, mouth and foot.

Vitiligo can be treated by medications, phototherapy, laser and in certain cases surgical transplantation (tissue grafting and cellular grafting) is also advisable.

What causes vitiligo?
Melanin is the pigment which determines the color of our skin and hair.
The cells responsible for producing melanin (Melanocytes) are unable to function in case of Vitiligo thus causing loss of color of skin.
These white areas can either be localized or can continue to grow and are easily noticeable.
Melanocytes can be reintroduced to the affected areas via various methods to treat vitiligo.

Impact Of Vitiligo On Patients
Though vitiligo does not cause any serious impact on patient’s overall physical health and life expectancy, it can adversely affect patient’s psychological well-being.
Patient’s often feel insecure and anxious about their appearance which results in the development of antisocial behavior.
Younger patients are under constant emotional stress.
Mixed emotions of shame and fear often leads to depression.

Role Of Phototherapy
Derma heal Skin and Hair Clinic offers its patients the latest and best possible treatment modalities
We are equipped with a Narrowband UV-B (NB-UVB) chamber which works on whole body upto a great extent in cases of Generalized Vitiligo.
NB-UVB is an upright in-office booth which has a number of lamps that emit ultraviolet light thereby inducing re-pigmentation.
This device can be used in cases of both adults as well as children and does not cause any major side effects.
This treatment procedure is safe for both adults as well as children and generally requires 2-4 sessions weekly.
Phototherapy when combined with medications yield satisfactory results. Usually, prolonged treatments are required to attain better results.

Benefits Of Phototherapy
Significant improvement in the quality of life has been observed in the patients of generalized vitiligo undergoing phototherapy when combined with medications.
With phototherapy going on, the required doses of medicines gradually decreases thus decreasing the chances of long term side effects of medicines.
Patients experience a boost in their self-esteem as they keep on witnessing better results per session.
Phototherapy aids to prevent the formation of new patches thereby helping patients regain the confidence to face the world.

Excimer Therapy is an advanced technology that helps to treat skin diseases like vitiligo, atopic dermatitis and psoriasis which are usually difficult to treat conditions as there are very limited treatment options available for such skin conditions. This therapy is gentle as well as effective when followed with strict continuation.

The Excimer laser delivers a concentrated beam of UVB light through a hand piece directly to the white patches on the patient’s skin.

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