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Alcoholism + Dental Health
chronic alcoholics neglect themselves as they are under influence of alcohol &preoccupied with their addictiob &often due to negligencethey lead into poor oral hygiene
alcoholics have a high incidence of decayed ,, missing teeth compared to non -alcoholics
They have increased rate of chronic advanced generalised periodontitis with inflamed gingivae,, loss of stippling,,, blunting of interdental papillae,, deep pocket with bone loss
increased level of tooth wear due to attrision,, is present in pyschiatric alcoholics ,, this is due to stimulation of the brainstem reticulo activatory system
leading to masseteric muscle activity causing bruxism during rapid eye moment sleep
Advanced dental erosion affecting the palatal surface of upper incisors .This erosion of teeth may be dur to chronic vomiting
Xerostomia secondary to chronic alcoholism may lead to tooth wear ,, decaying of teethdue to reduced buffering from a reduction of salivary flow
The risk for developing oral sq cell carcinoma is 10-15 times more in alcoholics it could be coz of oral mucosa rendered more susceptible to carcinogens
These patients are difficult to manage when they attend clinic
They have poor oral hygiene,, deposits &may be coated tongue ,, angular cheilosis as well

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