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Bad Breath
Bad Breath – Halitosis
A cause of social embarrassment & possible means of cure

Causes of Halitosis
• Conditions & circumstances which cause or aggravate bad breath
• Condition which promotes the growth of oral bacteria
• Not cleaning or not able to clean ,those areas where bacteria reside
• Food
• Smoking
• Xerostomia
• Periodontal disease
• Sinus
• Dental conditions
• Untreated Medical conditions
• Dentures

Consumption of food containing sulfur compounds
Principle food for the bacteria to grow
(sulfur compound)
Principle causative agent for bad breath
Accumulation of waste products in the mouth

The Unpleasant odour can be due to:
• Hydrogen peroxide
• Methyl mercaptan
• Cadaverine – the smell associated with corpses
• Putrescine - which is responsible for much of the odor of decaying meat
• Skatole – the characteristic smell of human
• fecal matter
• Isovaleric – the smell of sweaty feet

Food supply for bacteria
• Diet rich in proteins like
• Meat
• Fish
• Sea foods
• Dairy products
• Cereal grains
• Nuts
• Seed from pods ( beans, peas & lentils)
• Favorite desserts ( cakes & pies )

Location /Area for survival of bacteria
• Tongue ( anterior & posterior )
• Periodontal Sources
• Test for you to check your own breath
• Usage of a spoon

• Organoleptic judging of bad breath
• Gas Chromatography for evaluation of bad breath
• Halimeter
• BANA test

Cure of Halitosis
• Minimize the amount of the food available for these bacteria
• Minimize the total no. of these bacteria that exist
• Minimize the availability of the types of environments in which these bacteria prefer to live
• Make an environment in which these bacteria do live less hospitable
• Employ the use of products that can neutralize the odor causing volatile sulfur compounds themselves
• Cleaning your teeth & gums can help to cure bad breath
• Use of Mouthwashes can help to cure bad breath
• Other cures include
- Drink plenty of water
- Rinse with water often
- Stimulate the flow of saliva
- Clean your mouth, especially well after eating protein rich diet.

Dr. Sumit Dubey
New Delhi

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