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problems with mammogram
Problems with breast screening

• Breast screening does not prevent cancer. It only detects it early.
• Many women find mammograms uncomfortable or painful, but this is normally just for a short time.
• Having mammograms involves radiation. Mammograms done with current good machines, only give a very low amount of radiation. The radiation dose given by breast screening x rays is continually monitored to make sure that it remains as low as possible, while still providing a good quality image.
• Mammograms require special machines , films and skills in reading and reporting the x rays. Unfortunately, these facilities are not available with a uniform standard in our country. Poor quality mammograms, and lack of specialist skills can miss cancer and give a false sense of reassurance.
• Sometimes mammograms will show an abnormal area which will need further tests but often further tests show that the abnormality is not a cancer and this can be very worrying.

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